Perfect Windows 7 File Shredding Tool

Windows 7 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, based on the Vista version of Windows. Apart from Windows 7 Starter edition, there are three primary editions of Windows 7 - Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. When you delete a file or a folder from hard drive on Windows 7 using even Shift+Delete option, it's not deleted permanently from the hard drive. Instead, it is present on the same location until being overwritten by some other data. The logic behind this is that when you delete some data on Windows 7, operating system deletes its references and marks the space occupied by old data as available for the new data to occupy. As the references are deleted, the data becomes inaccessible and hence you think that it has been deleted permanently from the hard drive. The deleted or lost data even from formatted hard drive and deleted partition can be recovered using any recovery software.

Hence a powerful Windows 7 file shredding tool is required for complete deletion of data from the hard drives, memory cards, external hard drives, flash cards, etc. File Shredder is one such effective shred file tool which shred files and folders to erase them permanently.

Who can use the file shredder tool?

Users who want to shred files from their hard drives/external hard drives/memory card used in phones/cameras/camcorders, to avoid data sharing or who want to sell or dispose these devices.

Users who want to shred data from their used laptops or computers before assigning them to new employees.

This software makes use of nine powerful shredding patterns that meets and exceeds patterns approved by various international government and law enforcement agencies. The faster speed of shredding helps in saving time and system resources. It shred individual or selected files and folders from the hard drive on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems. This software can also be used to shred files from SD card, XD card, MMC card and CF card. The shredding zone of this software helps to shred batch of files or folders using drag & drop functionality. With this software user can easily shred deleted files. It helps them to protect their files from being misused. To read more refer this site

The important options used in the software are listed below:

Wipe Free Disk Space: Using this option, it shred previously deleted files from your drive on Windows 7. To know how to shred previously deleted files, visit this page:

Customized In-built scheduler: This option can be used to schedule time for shredding the data.

Context menu: You can shred files from anywhere in Windows using this option.

It is one of the most useful tools for shredding files from Recycle Bin in just a few clicks of mouse. You can find out more about this tool from this link:

Simple steps to shred files on Windows 7 hard drive:

Step 1: Download and install my file shredder software on your Windows 7 hard drive. Run the installed tool and select Erase Hard Drive / Partition option to delete files on Windows 7 drive as illustrated in Figure.

Windows 7 File Shredding Tool - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, all the files that are present on Windows 7 hard drive will be listed. Select the files and double click on that to add them into the shredding zone. You can also make use of Add Files / Add Folders to add files into the shredding zone as illustrated in Figure.

Windows 7 File Shredding Tool - Select Add Files / Folders

Step 3: This utility provides nine different wiping methods. In demo version you will be allowed to choose low level wiping methods, choose any option and then tap on Proceed option as illustrated in Figure.

Windows 7 File Shredding Tool - Choose Wiping Method

Step 4: Once you choose the erasing pattern, shredding process will start based on the selected shredding pattern as illustrated in Figure.

Windows 7 File Shredding Tool - File Shredding Progress

Step 5: After the successful completion of shredding process, a message would pop confirming the completion as illustrated in Figure.

Windows 7 File Shredding Tool - File Shredding Completed