Shredding Deleted Files

Many people at some point of time decide to recycle, sell or give away their old computer or any other storage device to some third party companies or users; and meet people and ask how to erase deleted files permanently. As their computer had much private information like project documents, bank details, credit card information, photographs and emails, so data security became a prime concern. To avoid these important or secret data to get misused by stranger, one needs to shred files from computer using my file shredder software. It is the best software to shred deleted files.

You must be thinking deleting a file and emptying the recycle bin would do the trick, unfortunately it is not at all safe option. Because, when you delete any file from your system and empty the recycle bin, only the reference pointers directing towards the stored location of the files are removed and the removed files space is set as available to store new data. The deleted files can be easily recovered back with the help of file recovery software. If you want to sell your system, then this could be dangerous for you. Now you might be confused on how to shred deleted files? And several questions randomly strike in your mind like how to erase deleted files permanently? Is there any software to shred previously deleted files? The answer to all your questions is absolutely yes. Using my file shredder software you can shred your deleted files permanently.

My file shredder program is especially designed for those computer users who either want to dispose or sell their PC. Using this tool consumer can overwrite their confidential information with junk values so that recovery is not possible. This tool uses 9 shredding patterns which overwrite the deleted files in such a way that it cannot be recovered by any recovery tool. These shredding patterns are authorized by defense department and various government agencies. It not only helps to unlink the file location, but also overwrites your file with some junk values.

Shredding personal files using my file shredder tool is very safe, as it overwrite the file up to 38 times. After this none of the recovery software will be able to recover your files back. Rather than shredding file from computer or laptop hard drive, you also use this program for erasing files from potable drives such as flashcard, pen drive, external hard drive etc. How to shred deleted files on external hard drive? How to erase deleted files permanently on memory card? If all suck questions are bothering you, then make use of my file shredder tool. Refer this site to find complete details about how to shred files on external drive. Refer this page fopr more for more deatils: You can run this application on various versions of Windows OS such as Window server 2003/Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/and Windows 8.

Eminent features of My File Shredder Software:

My file shredder tool provides nine shredding methods and these methods are categorized into different levels for erasing the file. For example: low security shredding method, medium and high security shredding technique. User can select either of these methods, based on the importance of the data. In low security sanitization method you will get fast zero overwrite, random overwrite methods. On medium security sanitization method you will get N.A.V.S.O - RLL (US Navy Standard), V.S.I.T.R (German Standard), N.A.T.O (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Standard). For high security there are DOD 5200.28.M (US Dept. of Defence Standard), Peter Guttman Method, Peter Guttman + DOD 5200.22.Mshredding Method. Using high security method user can overwrite their deleted files up to 38 times. After erasing file using high security pattern, recovery is impossible. My file shredder tool has a simple user interface that helps, even a non-technical person to use the tool to erase their sensitive or confidential data.

Guide on how to shred deleted files:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of my file shredder software on your Windows system. Run the installed tool and from the home screen, select Erase Files / Folder option for shredding deleted files as shown in Figure 1. Then, click Add Files / Add Folders option to add files and folders which you want to delete forever.

How to Shred Deleted Files - Main Screen

Step 2: After adding the files, select the wiping method and click on Proceed option as shown in Figure 2.

How to Shred Deleted Files - Select Wiping Method

Step 3: The shredding tool will start the process to permanently erase deleted files as shown in Figure 3.

How to Shred Deleted Files - File Erasing Progress

Step 4: Once done with the deleted file shredding process, you will get a message that file shredding process is completed as shown in Figure 4.

How to Shred Deleted Files - File Shredding Completed