Software to Shred Already Deleted Files

“Hi, I have planned to sell my PC, so recently I deleted all the confidential files from it. But even after erasing them I feel insecure, because earlier there were some important business files in my system. I am afraid that the purchaser may recoevr that confidential data. If it happens then there are chances of my business getting ruined. Therefore I want to shred previously deleted files beyond recovery. Can anyone please tell me how to deal with this concern?”

If you too have a similar kind of question, then do not get worried, as now you can erase previously deleted files from computer easily. In order to shred previously deleted files permanently from the computer you have to employ an optimum third party eraser tool one like File Shredder Application. It is the most efficient and safest tool among other eraser apps as it assures deletion of data beyond recovery. File shredder is a most popular eraser application in the entire world and it is also reviewed by customers. The software is mainly used by defense organization and law enforcement agencies for deleting private details from their systems. Once a file is deleted using this tool then recovery of that deleted file becomes highly impossible.

What is special about file shredder app?

File shredder application has been developed by well experienced IT professionals and it’s a most preferred eraser tool. There are lots of third party tools available in market, which have proved to be inefficient. If you make use of those tools, then you will not be able to shred previously deleted files safely i.e. the traces of deleted will be there. By using any updated and advanced recovery tool, the files can be recovered. However, file shredder app is a reliable computer software and from past several years the tool has remained a best one. 

How file shredder utility works?

When you erase previously deleted files using this file shredder app it will overwrite that particular area of storage media with some junk data, after which recovery becomes impossible. It does everything in an automatic way, so you have to just follow the screen steps provided by the software and it will safely shred previously deleted files in few moments. The software uses nine different patterns to shred already deleted files, therefore depending upon your need you have to select the appropriate pattern. With the help of this file shredder app, you can shred folders as well.   

Following are the shredding patterns used by the tool:

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • DOD Standard 5220.22.M
  • NATO standard
  • VSITR standard
  • DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD
  • Peter Guttmann Method
  • DoD 5220.22-M + Peter Guttmann Method

Features of File Shredder App:

File shredder software can erase previously deleted files on all popular versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. With the help of this powerful tool, you can shred already deleted files from various secondary storage devices including USB drives, external hard disks, memory sticks, memory cards, etc. To shred files from external USB drive, click here: This file shredder tool comes with inbuilt scheduler, which will automatically delete a file as per scheduled time or event. The software is free from all sorts of harmful elements such as viruses or malicious programs; hence it’s an appropriate application to shred previously deleted files.        

Steps to erase already deleted files:

Step A: Download demo version of file shredder tool on your Windows system and install it. Launch the tool and select Erase Files / Folder option from the home screen to complete delete previously deleted files as shown in Figure 1.

Shred Previously Deleted Files - Main Screen

Step B: Select the wiping method and click on Proceed option to start with the process to shred already deleted files as shown in Figure 2.

Shred Previously Deleted Files - Select Wiping Method

Step C: You can see the file shredding process as shown in Figure 3.

Shred Previously Deleted Files - File Erasing Progress

Step D: Finally file shredding procedure gets completed as shown in Figure 4.

Shred Previously Deleted Files - File Shredding Completed


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