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When you delete a file Windows does not physically delete it from the hard disk. Even emptying data from the Recycle Bin does not protect you at all. Information you erase by even formatting your hard drive can still be easily recoverable. When you delete a file from Windows, the OS just marks the file as deleted in the file allocation table, but the data of the file is still on your hard disk. This deleted data can be easily recovered using file recovery software.

To take control of your confidential and sensitive information, try File Shredder. Easily, securely and permanently shred private data from your PC. This privacy protection software protects your private data by completely shredding the files, folders, and unused space from a logical drive you specify, beyond recovery. By overwriting the portion on the hard drive that was previously allocated to the files several times, FILE Shredder will completely erase data from your disk, without the possibility of recovery by any practical software or hardware methods. Select the data you wish to shred, select your shred standard and the data is gone forever.


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How Do I Ensure the Files that I have Deleted cannot be Recovered???

The most suitable option that cann use to ensure that the deleted files cannot be restored back is using some efficient file shredding software. In that case, my file shredder software proves to be the most reliable file eraser tool that wipes off deleted files completely which cannot be recovered by any powerful data recovery apps. The software employs different shredding patterns and overwrites the stored files with garbage value for multiple times that makes the user to believe, files erased by my file shredder software cannot be recovered. With the aid of this shredder toolkit, it is very much easy to shred files and folders from computer hard drive on different versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. beyond recovery that too just within a few couple of minutes.

Perfect software for shredding files from Digital Camera...!

Digital camera stores alot of precious photos and videos captured during different occassions. In any unusual situation, if you want to sell your digital camera or dipose it, then it is very much important for you to erase files completely on digital camera. If you use normal deletion methods for shredding files, then the files will not be erased forever instead they can be retrieved easily using some powerfile file recovery software. Thus, it si suggested to use third party file eraser application to shred files on digital camera. In an event you want to delete files permanently from digital camera, then My file shredder comes handy to shred digital camera files with its robust shredding techniques.

Product Features:

  1. Easy to use for both personal and commercial use, includes several on screen instructions and context sensitive help
  2. How to Section of user guide embedded with the application
  3. Uses several military and government shredding patterns to shred data
  4. Power shredder eliminates files, folders, and deleted data
  5. Unused space shredder to remove deleted data
  6. Password protect the application to prevent unauthorized users from shredding information on your computer
  7. Context menu integration helps to add files/folders to shredding zone. The option also offers single click shredding of files and folders
  8. Shred files at a specified time or at the startup of your Windows with the help of inbuilt scheduler and schedule the shredding tasks
  9. Automatic live update to keep the software up-to-date
  10. Generates event log of the complete shredding process

System Requirements:

  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2000
  • Free hard disk space required for installation - 15 MB
  • No minimum hardware requirement

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How to use My File Shredder Tool to Shred Files:

Step 1: Download and install file shredding software on your Windows computer. Run the installed software and from the main screen, choose Erase Files / Folder option for shredding files as depicted in Figure 1.

My File Shredder - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, click on Add Files / Add Folders option to add the files and folders which you want to delete forever as depicted in Figure 2.

My File Shredder - Add Files and Folders

Step 3: Choose the wiping method and tap on Proceed option as depicted in Figure 3.

My File Shredder - Select Wiping Method

Step 4: The software starts shredding files completely beyond recovery as depicted in Figure 4.

My File Shredder - File Erasing Progress

Step 5: On completion of file erasing process, you will be able to see a message stating that Wiping process completed as depicted in Figure 5.

My File Shredder - File Shredding Completed

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