How to Shred HDD Files and Folders??

Mostly people think that formatting a hard drive leads to permanent deletion of files from the hard drive but it is not what they think. It is not a secure way to maintain privacy of your important data as there are so many software available in the market to recover deleted or lost data from formatted hard drive. Now the main question that must be arising in your mind is, can we delete data permanently from hard disk or from other storage devices. Yes, you can erase data permanently from hard drive by using a file eraser software. To accomplish such critical task, you must employ an efficient HD shredder tool. For this purpose, File Eraser is the best choice to wipe hard drive data.

In this technological era, the computer has become essential part of life. It is being used in corporate offices, institutions, government offices and in different business shops for storing business record and important information. In many educational institutions and in government offices, computer hard drive contains sensitive data and information. During renovation of office computers or after completion of projects, it is better to erase data permanently from computer hard drive so hat no one can find private data from hard drive. File Eraser is the most trusted application for wiping data from hard drive and being used in different corporate offices and in government offices.

Generally, people delete files using Shift-Delete option but it is not a right way to maintain data privacy. Actually, whatever you delete with Shift-Delete keys or from the Recycle Bin folder, does not get deleted permanently. The data still remains� on hard drive data blocks and you can regain this deleted data using any data recovery software. To keep your sensitive data safe from others, File Eraser is perfect tool. You should employ this tool to erase files completly when you need to sell or handover you computer or other storage device to others. Similarly, you can use this tool to erase web history from system after performing internet related task like online banking, social networking, emailing etc to protect your important imformation like username, password etc from unauthorised access. Using this software you can erase files from SD cards, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, microSD cards, iPods, USB drives, external hard drives, flash memory cards and from otrher storage devices.

File Eraser software comes with nine standard sanization methods to wipe data. Software is empowered with advanced algorithms, which are being used in world�s top level defence agencies. You can use any method from Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Overwrite, US DoD (DoD 5220.22-M)-DOD Standard 5220.28 STD, US Navy, NATO standard, DOD Standard 5220.28 STD and US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) +Guttmann algorithm. Above method allows you to wipe data according your requirement. File Eraser supports user to wipe data on Windows 7 and its other latest alternatives such as Windows 8/Vista/XP etc. File Eraser is easy to use software comes with interactive GUI to facilitates users to perform data wipe operation effortlessly.

Simple steps to shred files on HDD:

Step I: Download trial version of my file shredder utility on your Windows hard drive and do the installation. Double click on the shortcut icon to run the installed application and select Erase Hard Drive / Partition option to delete HDD files permanently as shown in Figure 1.

	 - Main Screen

Step II: Select the drive from where files have to be erased. All files that are present on that HDD will be listed. Select files and double click on those to add them into shredding zone. You can also make use of Add Files or Add Folder option to add files into the shredding zone as shown in Figure 2.

HD Shredder - Select Add Folders

Step III: This application provides nine different shredding patterns. In trial version you will be allowed to select only 3 wiping methods, choose any wiping option and then tap on Proceed option as shown in Figure 3.

HD Shredder - Select Shredding Method

Step IV: Once you select the wiping pattern, HDD file shredding process will start based on the selected wiping method pattern as shown in Figure 4.

HD Shredder - HDD File Shredding Progress

Step V: After completion of HDD file shredding process, a message will pop confirming the completion as shown in Figure 5.

HD Shredder - Folder Shredding Completed