Software to Erase Files Permanently

Do you want to sell your desktops from company as you are replacing those with new computers? In such situations, people usually think to delete their all confidential data from old computers before selling. But, it does not happen. Although you delete your data from system, files on system are not deleted permanently. And those can be easily recovered using any data recovery software. So, before selling old systems, one should make sure that, they erase files permanently on those systems. File shredder software is one such tool, which can permanently delete one�s data from hard disk in a secure manner. Not only people who want to sell their devices, but the people who want to dispose their devices also go for shredding tool, so that after disposal of those devices one should not access their confidential information.

When user deletes files from computer those transferred to Recycle Bin. If user does not want those files in future then user goes for emptying Recycle Bin. However, in reality user will not be able to erase files permanently after emptying Recycle Bin. When one deletes a file from computer and empties Recycle Bin, the operating system just marks the file as deleted in file allocation table, the pointer pointing to that file location will no more be pointing to the same memory location, but the files are still on hard disk. And these deleted files can be recovered using any data recovery tool. If user want to erase files permanently then in order to do it user has to make use of HDD data shredder software. This software erases files from not only hard drive, but also can erase files on other external storage devices permanently. For an instance, using this software, it is possible to erase data from external USB drive, memory cards, FireWire Drives etc.

People may think of, instead of deleting files they will go for formatting drive before selling their computer. However, even formatted data can be recovered using data recovery software. So in order to erase files permanently user has to go for file shredder software. Along with hard drives, this software also can shred data from digital camera and other devices.

This privacy protection utility protects your data by completely shredding folders, files and unused space from specified logical drive. When computer is not full and there is lot of space available then the available space usually used to store deleted files from computer. This software shreds such unused space in order to erase deleted data permanently. It is always safe to wipe unused space on hard drive since by doing it you will have control of your confidential and sensitive information.

The working principle of this software is, it will overwrite several times the area on the hard disk that was allocated to the files prior of shredding. The once shred data by this means is not recoverable by using any practical software or hardware methods. This software comes with an inbuilt scheduler, which can shred files periodically either at the start up of Windows or at the specified time and schedules the shredding tasks. During shredding, this software generates event log of complete shredding process. File shredder software comes with a context menu, which helps user to add files/folders to shredding zone. This aplication can permanently wipe HDD photos, music files, vidoes, documents or complete hard drive data beyond recovery. In addition, users need not to worry about unauthorized use of this software, because this software comes with password protection. By using My File Shredder software user can shred iPod data easily.

Steps to Shred Files Permanently:

Step A: Download demo version of my file shredder tool on your Windows system and and install it. Launch the tool and select Erase Files / Folder option for shredding files completely from the home screen as shown in Figure 1. Then, you need to add files and folders using Add Files / Add Folders option.

Erase Files Permanently - Main Screen

Step B: Select the wiping method and click on Proceed option to start with the process to shred files completely as shown in Figure 2.

Erase Files Permanently - Select Wiping Method

Step C: You can see the file shredding process as shown in Figure 3.

Erase Files Permanently - File Erasing Progress

Step D: Finally file shredding procedure gets completed as shown in Figure 4.

Erase Files Permanently - File Shredding Completed