Tool for Shredding Files on Hard Drive

Do you want to shred some of your secret files and folders from your hard disk drive? Your search ends here because here you�ll get software to shred your personal and private information beyond recovery level, for this purpose you have to take help of hard drive file shredder software. This software is the best tool available in the market to erase the confidential data so that no one can recover it back with the help of any data recovery software or by any hardware techniques. File shredding tool is recommended by industry experts worldwide and my file shredder is been used by many peoples across the world to delete files and folders and eliminates the chances of recovery.

Deletion of files and folders becomes necessary for the users if they plan to sell their hard disk drive. Every user stores personal and private data in the hard drive, almost every user thinks that deleting files and folders before selling the hard drive will completely erase it. But it�s not true; the deleted data can be easily recovered with the help of data recovery tools. People should know a fact that, there are many thieves who buys hard drive and then steal all your secret data with file recovery applications. All your emails, personal and private documents, online transaction histories, etc. You think that you have deleted all the information, but you don�t. So before doing selling of your hard disk drive to an unknown person, just make use of this HD file shredder tool which erases the files and makes it unreadable by any means. My file shredder application also allows user to shred files and folders on Windows 7, XP and on Windows Vista in couple of mouse clicks.

Apart from deletion, most of the peoples format the hard disk drive before selling it off and thinks that all the stored files and folders are erased permanently. First thing is that, all the users have this misconception that formatting any data storage drive will delete the entire information, but it is not true, only the reference pointers which holds the address location of the stored files and folders are removed and the sector is flagged as empty to save new data. The person who buys your formatted hard drive is maliciously minded will make use of data recovery tool and easily recover all the files and folders and misuse your confidential data for making money. It�s easy to retrieve data from formatted hard drive; your files are still there on the hard drive until it gets overwritten with new files. If you don�t want to face such type of issue in future then use hard drive file shredder software to erase the entire information available on the hard disk drive beyond recovery level. My file shredder enables user to erase SD card data completely and also use to erase files of USB drive, external hard drives in just a few steps.

Hard drive file shredder uses number of shredding patterns recommended by defense bodies and government. Any of the data recovery software which is available in the market will never recover the data if the files have been shredded by this software. In addition user can wipe files from digital camera in few easy steps.

Simple steps to erase files on hard drives:

Step 1: Download and install my file shredder utility on your Windows hard drive. Run the installed application and select Erase Hard Drive / Partition option to shred files on hard drive as illustrated in Figure 1.

Hard Drive File Shredder - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, all the files present on that drive will be listed. Select the files and double click on that to add them into shredding zone. You can also use Add Files / Add Folders to add files into the shredding zone as illustrated in Figure 2.

Hard Drive File Shredder - Select Add Files / Folders

Step 3: This utility provides nine different shredding patterns. In demo version you will be allowed to choose low level wiping methods, choose any wiping option and then tap on Proceed option as illustrated in Figure 3.

Hard Drive File Shredder - Select Wiping Method

Step 4: Once you select the erasing pattern, shredding process will start based on the selected shredding pattern as illustrated in Figure 4.

Hard Drive File Shredder - File Shredding Progress

Step 5: After the successful completion of shredding process, a message would pop confirming the completion as illustrated in Figure 5.

Hard Drive File Shredder - File Shredding Completed

Note: Watch video tutorial of this software to shred files from hard drive in effective way.