How to Permanently Delete Photos from Hard Drive?

Hard disks are the dominant storage device used to store huge amount of data in computers, Personal computers and Servers. Hard drives are available in wide variety of types and storage size capacities. A fixed hard drive is necessary to start a computer as it stores operating system and also it stores other data like images, audios, videos, documents and other files. However, users store there personal data such as photos inside a hard disk. In case if you are selling hard drive or a disposing hard drive, it is necessary to securely delete personal information present on the hard drive.

What is the need of completely cleaning photos from a hard drive?

If you want to keep privacy for data like personal photos and don’t want to face risk, then you have to permanently delete photos from hard drive. Most of the users while selling a hard drive or while lending it, think that deleting photos from hard drive and later emptying Recycle Bin will erase all pictures present on it. But this is not true. Even formatting a hard drive also doesn’t permanently erase pictures from hard disk. Deleting photos or formatting hard disk only removes index of image files from file system. So, user will be unable to access them but they still remain in hard disk drive storage area. If the hard drive contents are not used or modified then these deleted photos can be recovered using recovery software’s even after years. So, your private photos on hard drives are not safe after deleting or formatting. Therefore before selling or disposing a HDD make sure that you have permanently erased personal data like photos from hard disk. The most affordable technique to permanently erase pictures from hard disk is by using software like My File Shredder.

How file shredder permanently wipe photos on HDD?

My file shredder ensures secure deletion or shredding of pictures to prevent access from miscreants. It destroys the deleted pictures on HDD by overwriting multiple times with garbage value. Thus it wipes off deleted photos from hard disk beyond advanced recovery techniques used by restoration tools.

Eminent features of My File Shredder utility:

  • By using this reliable tool, you can easily shred images on hard drive of different brands like SanDisk, Toshiba, Western Digital, Kingston, etc within few minutes.
  • Along with shredding photos, it can be even used to wipe hard drive data like audio and video files, documents or erase folders completely.
  • Not only hard disk, this reliable app can be used with portable devices also. It can permanently delete files on SD card, XD card, CF memory cards, memory sticks and USB drives.
  • This file shredding tool uses many defense shredding patterns to wipe data. Depending on the confidentiality of data, you can select the shredding technique among different shredding or sanitization standards.
  • Using this app is easy for even a non technical person as it has user friendly interface and provides simple steps to shred hard drive photos.
  • It supports different hard disk drive interfaces like SCSI, IDE, SATA, ATA, etc.
  • You can install this program on Microsoft Windows operating systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to shred Hard Drive Photos:

Step 1: Download and install my file shredder application on your Windows computer. Launch the software and select “Erase Hard Drive/Partition” option from the main screen as shown in below figure.

Permanently Delete Photos From Hard Drive - Home Window

Step 2: All the files and folders of HDD are listed as show in below figure. Select the photos which you want to permanently erase from hard disk and add them in shredding zone.

Permanently Delete Photos From Hard Drive - Select Add Files / Folders

Step 3:Below figure shows nine shredding options provided by the software. Select any one of the pattern and click on “proceed” option.

Permanently Delete Photos From Hard Drive - Select Wiping Method

Step 4: In the below Figure you can see shredding process of photos from HDD.

Permanently Delete Photos From Hard Drive - File Erasing Progress

Step 5:After shredding process is completed, you will get a pop message as shown in below Figure.

Permanently Delete Photos From Hard Drive - File Shredding Completed