Permanent Delete Files on Android

Are you looking for shredding files on Android? If the answer of this question is yes then this is right place for you. This article will demonstrate how to shred files on Android.�If there are some very important files stored on your Android which are sensitive then do not worry, you can easily wipe out this file with the help of Remo MORE. Android phone have become popular these days and mobile users are falling in love with Android based phone. Sometime you might have felt the need of shredding data from your Android phone. Generally you need to shred files on Android so that you can maintain their privacy. Since this phone comes with inbuilt camera, people like to capture images of their memorable moment and if they have shot some private video on their phone which they do not want to share with other people, then, simply deleting files is not a safe way to achieve this privacy.

Generally, most of the android phone users believe that if they delete their sensitive files from Android phone then it cannot be recovered but the reality is that one can easily recover files deleted in such way. Before, I proceed let me tell you that what happens when you delete a files from Android or other storage device. After deletion of files it is not really deleted, only entry from file allocation table is marked as available and data still exist there. Data resides on storage device until you overwrite it with new data.

If you want to sell your old cell phone to someone else then need of shredding of files arises on Android. Because, if you sell your Android phone without wiping its internal memory then chances are quite high that your data might be misused by third person.� If there were some files related to your business or your bank credential then you would land into a very terrible situation.� Hence, you should always permanently delete your private data before selling your android phone to others. Now, the great challenge is how to shred files on android. If this problem is for you then Remo MORE is the perfect solution for you. It is developed specially for shredding files from Android devices including Smartphones. When it comes to Remo MORE�s performance then there is no other tool which can stand with MORE. It is a brainchild of highly qualified technocrats. Simple and attractive and user-friendly interface is another reason which makes it more popular among the user.

This tool shreds files from Android with the use of standard wiping method defined by industry specification. You can easily select type of shredding pattern from the given option of this tool and for security purpose it also asks you for confirmation before shredding files so that accidental wiping can be avoided. If you are in search of such type of tool then make use of MORE without any hesitation.

Guide on how to shred files on Android

Step 1: Select File Eraser from Enhance screen of Remo MORE after downloading and installing the application on your Android phone as shown in figure 1.

How to Shred Files on Android - Main Window

Step 2: Select the files which you want to delete from this screen and select Erase option as shown in the figure.

How to Shred Files on Android - Shredding Zone

Step 3: This screen will ask you to confirm the action, click on OK button to ensure your action as shown in below figure.

How to Shred Files on Android - Erase Files

Step 4: Once the file is successfully deleted you will get a confirmation message as shown in below figure.

How to Shred Files on Android - Shredding Completed