How to Shred Folders???

Are you searching for application which helps you out to shred secret folders stored on your hard drive? Folder shredder software is the best answer for your question, it is the finest software widely used by peoples over the globe in order to shred secret data stored in their hard disk drive. My file shredder tool easily erases all the confidential information from your hard disk drive which you don�t want to share with anyone. If any of the folder is shredded with this tool then there is no way available to recover it back by any means. That�s why, my file shredder is recommended by industry experts and it becomes best choice for users who want to shred hard drive folders.

Firstly remove this from your mind that deleted files cannot be recovered, because if you think like this then it simply means you are misguided by someone. If you sell out your hard disk by just deleting all the folders then it doesn�t mean that the person who buys your hard drive will not recover your data back. There are number of data recovery application available in the market which easily performs deleted folder recovery from hard disk drive. Even folders can be recovered from formatted hard drive, it simply means that if you are selling your hard drive to some unknown person by just deleting the folders or formatting the hard drive will not erase them permanently. If you want that nobody can see your secret folders then just make use of my file shredder software to erase all the folders permanently and removes all the chances of folder recovery by any means. With the help of folder shredder tool it is possible to shred data from external USB drive in couple of mouse clicks.

Actually the fact is that whenever you delete any folder or format your hard drive, only it reference or address location is removed and that particular location is flagged as free to store new folder, which shows that the person who buys your hard drive can recover deleted folder and use the information stored in it for making money. If you don�t want to face problems in future, then go for folder shredder software before selling your hard disk drive. With the help of shredding patterns which are been recommended by DOD overwrite the files too many times, so that the folder becomes unreadable and by chance or by any miracle anyone recovers your folder then they will only get junk values or garbage data. My file shredder guarantees you that it will erase all the folders from your hard disk drive beyond the level of recovery and it also facilitates you to shred music files from iPod, memory card in just a few steps.

Folder shredder utility provides 9 shredding patterns to erase folders of your hard drive. Moreover, it helps you to shred picture files from digital camera in few simple mouse clicks. Even non-technical users can use folder shredder tool because it designed with user friendly graphical user interface.

Perform these steps to shred folders:

Step 1: Download and install my file shredder tool on your Windows system. Run the software and choose Erase Files / Folder option for shredding folders as illustrated in Figure 1.

Folder Shredder - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, click on Add Folders option to add folders which you want to delete forever as illustrated in Figure 2.

Folder Shredder - Select Add Folders

Step 3: Now, you need to select the wiping method and tap on Proceed option as illustrated in Figure 3.

Folder Shredder - Select Wiping Method

Step 4: The file shredder tool wil start to perform folder shredder process beyond recovery as illustrated in Figure 4.

Folder Shredder - Folder Erasing Progress

Step 5: On completion of folder erasing process, you will be able to see a message thats folder shredding process is done as illustrated in Figure 5.

Folder Shredder - Folder Shredding Completed