Technique to Erase Data on SSD Permanently

SSD is similar to internal hard drive used by many people to store back up of important data as it has some outstanding features like reliability, faster transfer of data, increased storage capacity, portability, etc. but sometimes you may come across a situation where deletion of files from SSD becomes essential.

Hi friends, I need to sell my SSD device to one of my colleague. I have formatted the data present on it to avoid further accessing of files from him. But those formatted files are recoverable easily using third party software. As I have saved some of my personal data and official encoded files I need to erase them beyond recovery. Is it possible to permanently delete files on SSD?

This question is asked by many users in forums. So our experts thought of this problem and found a solution to it by designing a tool named my file shredder application using some advanced algorithms mainly to permanently erase files on SSD. After shredding files on SSD using this app, you can sell it to any of your close ones without any fear of recovery. With the help of this toolkit, you can even wipe folders that contain secret data before handover your SSD hard drive to any other person.

Working of my file shredder software:

My file shredder app provides 9 shredding patterns to permanently delete files on SSD. Using these patterns you can overwrite the files too many times, so that the data on SSD becomes unreadable if at all due to lot of effort using many ways if anyone recovers it back then they will only get junk values or garbage data instead of readable format data.

Attractive features of my file shredder tool:

My file shredder is the best application mainly used to erase all files and folders related to songs, images, videos, word or any other documents from SSD in few moments. This wizard can also shred the unused space or the delete data from the SSD drive in fraction of seconds. Using this file shredder software you can erase file completely on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 with utmost ease. This application has friendly interface so that any common user can shred files from SSD hard drive and many other external storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, Pen drive, flash card, etc. without any assistance. You can schedule the task using inbuilt scheduler so that it shreds the files from SSD at that particular specified time. It is capable enough to eliminate files from android based devices in couple of mouse clicks.

Steps to erase data on SSD permanently:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of My File Shredder tool on your Windows PC. Run the software either by selecting the program from the Start Menu, or by double clicking on the desktop shortcut. Once the File Shredder software is launched, it will start loading the drives on the left tree pane. Choose Erase Hard Drive / Partition to erase files on SSD device.

Permanently Delete Files on SSD - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the SSD device that contains the files to be shredded. After selecting the files to be shredded, double click on them to add them into the ’shredding zone’ or drag and drop them into the shredding zone. The application adds the selected files into shredding zone as shown in Figure.

Permanently Delete Files on SSD - Select Add Files / Folders

Figure 2: Select Add Files / Folders

Step 3: File Shredder utility provides nine shredding methods and they are classified into different levels for deleting data from SSD permanently based on the security patterns. To select the shredding methods, click on the Shredding Options button in the toolbar. This drops down the different shredding methods, and the user has to select any one of these methods, as shown in Figure.

Permanently Delete Files on SSD - Select Wiping Method

Figure 3: Select Wiping Method

Step 4: Once you choose the shredding pattern, click on the Shred files and folders button. The files in the shredding zone will be overwritten by different patterns depending on the shredding method selected. And, once the process is over, a message pops up intimating the same as shown in Figure.

Permanently Delete Files on SSD - File Shredding Progress

Figure 4: File Shredding Progress

Step 5: On completion of file shredding process, a message would pop confirming the completion as shown in Figure.

Permanently Delete Files on SSD - File Shredding Completed

Figure 5: File Shredding Completed