How to Remove Junk Files from PC?

Junk files are files present on your computer that serve the purpose only once, but they will remain in your hard disk unless you delete them. These files include things like cookies, cache, browser history, temporary files, download history, auto-complete forms, passwords, Run history, clipboard items, recent items, Recycle Bin and other unwanted files. All these files will stick around your computer�s hard disk until you remove them. The presence of these junk files will eventually reduce your system�s ideal speed and capacity. Hence, it is important to clean junk files from computer to increase its performance and capacity.

What problems do junk files cause?

  • Junk files consume the hard disk free space, so you cannot utilize hard disk space efficiently.
  • Programs will run slowly because of junk files present on your PC.
  • Sometimes you might not be able to create new files or download new programs, because most of your hard disk space might be occupied by these junk files.

In such cases you will end up with a question, �how to clean junk files from PC?� The best option for you is to use clean junk files software to clean up all your junk files from PC. There are so many tools available in market to wipe data completely from computer and to increase the performance of your PC. One among those efficient clean junk files tools is Clean Junk Files tool. This tool comes with an easy to use interface, which makes the entire cleaning process simpler and effortless. It has highly advanced and efficient built-in algorithms to clean junk files from computer with ease. It provides one click clean option to erase temporary files, browser history, recent items, cookies, cache etc. Clean PC junk option enables you to erase document history, run history, Recycle Bin, browser history, cache, cookies, address bar, etc. It also provides Clean Free Space option to permanently delete all off deleted files and folders on free disk space. All these features are supported in all major versions of operating systems namely Windows, Mac and Android.

Apart from above mentioned features it also includes some extraordinary features in advanced edition of Clean Junk Files tool. They are -

  • Scheduler feature is available to perform cleaning of junk files from computer periodically.
  • Erase List option to erase only specific list of files and folders.
  • Clean Program Junk option is used to erase junk files of a specific program.
  • Using Clean PC Junk option you can delete scan disk history, clear network credentials, clear clusters and clear registry.
  • In Clean Free Space option you will get 6 international wiping patterns to erase junk files permanently from your computer.

Procedure on how to clean junk files from PC:

Step 1: Install and run Clean Junk Files software and select appropriate option from main screen.

How to Clean Junk Files from PC - Main Screen

Step 2: Then, click on "Scan" option and wait until scan process completes.

How to Clean Junk Files from PC - Scan

Step 3: Once scan process is completed then click "Clean" option to perform cleaning process.

How to Clean Junk Files from PC - Clean